A cheerleader who retaliated against an opposing player was ejected from Saturday’s game between Mississippi Valley State and Alabama A&M. The woman says the player made contact with her, prompting her to walk onto the court and push him.

The game stopped due to the courtside tiff when security was called to remove the cheerleader. Clips of the interaction show the cheerleader greeted by a group of people before grabbing her belongings and being escorted off the court.

According to the New York Post, the cheerleader claims that within the last few minutes of the second half, an Alabama A&M basketball player allegedly ran into a Mississippi Valley State cheerleader during her routine. She also claims junior guard Dailin Smith inbounding the ball, made contact with her performance as she jumped into the air for a stunt near the baseline.

The game continued after the alleged contact between Smith and the cheerleader until the next play moved toward the Mississippi Valley State cheerleaders. Then, the same cheerleader was ambushed mid-routine and retaliated, walking onto the court to push Smith.

Attendees gasped and screamed in shock at the incident, while Alabama A&M’s coach went into a frenzy, outraged by the cheerleader’s actions.

“The Alabama A&M coach, he’s fussing,” Caleb Brunson, a game broadcaster said. “He’s fussing and cussing.”

“Yeah, coach is kinda losing it over here,” Andre Williams, the other broadcast team member, added.

One might assume the cheerleader took this as a personal attack from the player due to her follow-up, but Smith probably ran into her accidentally.

According to MEAWW, the incident didn’t stop anything because Alabama A&M won, leaving the scoreboard at 70-68 on a last-second shot, in the final meeting between the two teams in the regular season.