Openly gay Chicago mayoral candidate Lori Lightfoot condemned a slew of anti-gay flyers targeting her sexuality. 

The flyers, which also targeted Lightfoot's partner, claimed the former prosecutor wanted to issue contract jobs to members of the LGBTQ community. The posters were intended to stoke ludicrous fears about a gay mayor presiding over the city. 

“The Feminist and Gay Movement Have Come Full Circle!” one flyer read. According to The Chicago Tribune, the back of the flyers reportedly said “contracts, jobs, and employment newly assigned exclusively to gay people!”

Other statements on the flyer claimed Lightfoot's tenure in office would usher in an era where straight people could be discriminated against, and public places will become havens promoting "gay lifestyle." 

“With our people in City Hall, I promise to enforce the Gay Equality Act. All churches will abide by the gay marriage laws. All public restrooms will be gender-free. All public schools will teach Gay History by mandate. School restrooms must be DE-SEGREGATED.”

Some flyers were reportedly distributed outside of a Black church in Bronzeville and on Chicago's Far South Side.

During a press junket on Monday, the 56-year-old said Chicago was no place for hate.

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"Any attempt by anyone to propagate hate, we have to stand together as a city to demand and denounce it unequivocally, because hate can have no place in our city," Lightfoot said.

The recent attack on her private life came after 10 labor unions, including the CTA (Chicago Transit Authority, threw their endorsements behind the mayoral candidate. 

Lightfoot's opponent, Toni Preckwinkle, also condemned the flyers, saying it was a distraction from the campaign and the race itself.  

"I condemn them, they have nothing to do with our campaign. It's disgraceful," Preckwinkle said. ABC News 7 reports the 72-year-old mentioned Lightfoot's sexuality as a dog whistle during a previous debate.

Preckwinkle has denied doing such. She has also obtained union endorsements including a significant one from the Illinois Federation of Teachers. 

There are reportedly five more debates and at least 10 more forums before the April 2 runoff.  

With two weeks left, both women are vying to become the first Black female mayor of the Windy City replacing Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

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