This is not a drill! Ciara has finally shared that prayer she says willed her husband, Russel Wilson, into her life over four years ago.

The pop star who recently released her Beauty Marks album has been speaking about her prayers that led the Seattle Seahawks quarterback into her marriage. In 2016, the two wed after a stint of celibacy, People reports.

After years of constant requests from online fans, the mother-of-two revealed her many prayers during a taped interview for the Angie Martinez Show on Power 105.1.

“I thought I was going to be single for four years, I had that in my mind," said the 33-year-old. "And I don’t know why that number was four years but I was really ready to take my time and be patient and let love really fall in place the right way. I desired something new, I desired something different, I desired to be loved [to] the highest capacity and to be loved the way that I deserved. "

"I’ll tell you a few things that I did pray," she continued. "I prayed for a God-fearing man; I prayed for discernment; I prayed for wisdom, to really learn from the wisdom that I gained from the experience I was going through. I prayed for a man that loved kids because obviously, me having my son— if you’re going to love me, you [have to] love him."

"I prayed for a man that was worldly as well, [because] I love to explore," the singer said. "So someone that’s going to edify my world is important to me."

I was ready to level up,” she laughed. “I could go on and on; I prayed for many different things.”

The "Thinkin Bout You" artist added that she prayed for what she needed and encouraged others to be very specific about what they desire.

"I think we have to be really specific about what we’re attracting into our lives because love can look different in different scenarios and in different people."

The pop star said the majority of her happiness began within. She told Angie that she had put on 60 pounds during her pregnancy and devoted herself to getting back in shape both physically and mentally.

The acclaimed dancer gave praise to God for bringing Russell into her life, whom she now also shares a daughter with. After meeting him a short while beforehand, she noted that Wilson assisted her with sleep-training her months-old baby, Future.

The two fathers have been entrenched in a public feud since the couple got together, most of which have been at the fault of the aforementioned rapper. In January, the "Mask Off" artist publicly criticized Russell, accusing him of being less of a man for doing "exactly what she tell him to do," as Blavity reported.

Everyone knows a happy wife is a happy home– and apparently, they are very happy. Not only is Ciara's hubby now known as the highest-paid quarterback in history, he's also just known for being generous with his money and his heart

Cheers to the happy couple! Watch the interview in full below to take notes.

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