Twerking is not just for y'all, OK?

A choreographer teamed up with rap duo City Girls to give senior citizens a workout they would never forget. 

On the heels of the popular bop "Twerk," women of all ages are embracing their bodies on their terms without the opinions of others. Twerking is more than a dance; it is an act of resistance against the patriarchy and a very great way to shed some pounds. 

Choreographer Radha Ruiz went to a senior citizen dance class in February to teach the fundamentals of twerking. The group of dancers was anticipating a "normal" class, but what they got was a surprising experience they seemed to embrace fully. 

Ruiz has made a name for herself as a self-described dance enthusiast. She is also a professional yogi and founder of Liberation Yoga. Not only is she a fan of the City Girls, but Ruiz was also featured in the music video.

In the senior citizen version of the video, women had to adjust to the elaborate moves and intricate dance sequences, but it did not stop them from having a good time. 

Take a look below at how these seasoned dancers fared:

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