A recent study from the Pew Research Center showed that 46 percent of white people surveyed felt if the American population was mostly made up of minorities, the nation's heritage would weaken.

The study was conducted in December with over 2,500 American adults surveyed from December 11 to December 23.

"The finding speaks for itself. It suggests concern broadly held by whites about a majority-minority country," Rich Morin, a senior editor at Pew Research Center, told USA Today.

This fear is often associated with far-right ideologies like "white genocide." These ideals rose to the mainstream alongside the rise of Donald Trump. Although the study does not define what "American customs" are, it has an amorphous meaning, changing based on who is surveyed.

According to U.S. Census Bureau data, by 2050, Black people, Hispanics, Asians and other minorities will constitute a majority of the population. 

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Other figures from the study show a different take on the possible changes coming to the nation. The study showed that most of the respondents felt the country would continue to struggle with healthcare, national debt and increased unemployment in an overwhelmingly grim view of what is to come. 

About 40 percent of Americans said a majority non-white country wouldn't be a positive or negative thing. Further data indicates the Hispanics seemed to be the most optimistic out of any group.

Roughly 23 percent of white, 40 percent of Black and 46 percent of Hispanic respondents said having a majority non-white population would improve American culture.

When it came to whether it would be a good or bad thing, 40 percent of Black respondents felt diversity would have little to no effect. 

"… Only a quarter of Hispanics and 18 percent of Blacks say a majority-minority country would weaken American customs and values," the study said. 

We all may get a glimpse of the future of America during the 2020 presidential election, depending on who turns out to vote. That year also serves as the next year the census will record the changing demographics of the country.

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