One Twitter user superimposed a picture of Halle Bailey's face on Janet Jackson's body in a video of the singer at the 1993 Grammys as she presented her brother Michael Jackson with an award. 

While Photoshop isn't new, the video definitely shocked several fans with its eerily realistic quality. Several people looking at the short clip commented on how dangerous digitally altered images could be in the future. 

One user pointed out that social media could likely create a biopic for Janet. 

On the other hand, the video left some other users with a sudden desire to see Bailey on screen as the star of a solo Janet biopic.

According to Variety, the "Rhythm Nation" singer has a documentary scheduled to premiere on Lifetime and A&E Network this month. Simply titled Janet, the project will feature testimonies from friends and fellow musicians, including Mariah Carey and Paula Abdul, and will also include some cameos from family members.