Students at Cliffside Park High School in New Jersey took matters into their own hands, after a racially charged statement from their teacher, earlier this week. The English teacher, whose name has not yet been released, told Latino students of Cliffside Park High School to "speak American". The comment followed a private conversation between two Spanish speaking students. A video clip capturing a large portion of the incident has since gone viral with over 9,000 views via social media. It is unclear of what exactly occurred right before the recording, but in the clip, the teacher is heard telling the class,  "Men and women are fighting, they’re not fighting for your right to speak Spanish. They’re fighting for your right to speak American."

One of the young women students is overheard telling the teacher "You’re being racist, I know how to speak English," said one student. "Goodbye. Goodbye," before proceeding to exit the room, in disgust.  

That same Monday, students went to Twitter asking classmates to join their cause by walking out of their 4th-period class to join the protest:

Even after threats of disciplinary actions from their principal, over 100 students walked out in solidarity, to protest the discrimination they'd witnessed. The school caters to a student population that consists of over 40 languages and ethnic groups. The teacher was asked to stay home, in light of the incidents, for her own safety. But, what about the safety of the children?