Comedian Lou Ratchett provided more of the usual humor to his fans when he produced a parody of the You From Brooklyn Series. Ratchett's parody shows a man who is visualizing some strange fantasies while stalking a woman inside a grocery store. 

The stalker in Ratchett's If You Was Filmed In The Hood video admires the "thick" woman as she walks around the store. He also assumes that she is probably looking at things she can't afford. Part of that assumption apparently comes from having seen the woman use her EBT card. 

But the stalker, who is also struggling to make ends meet, is convinced that they can make life better for each other together, and if the woman already has a lover, the man is evidently not even worried about it.

"We can just keep that between us," he said to himself while staring at the shopper as she carefully examines milk cartons. 

If there are any children in the picture, the man's plan is to let her mom babysit.

"That will free us up some time," he thought.

The parody takes another twist when the stalker reveals that he already knows where the woman lives.

"I love me an independent woman," he said in his thoughts. "Black, bold, vicious."

As the video comes to a close, the secret admirer plots his plan to get the children out of the picture. 

"Whatever you need, just know I'm here for you," he said in his fantasy, while following his dream girl all the way to her house.

As Shadow And Act reports, the You From Brooklyn Series was inspired by You from Netflix. The first episode of You From Brooklyn Series, released on YouTube and Twitter last year, featured Josiah (Malak Lunsford) stalking Mercedes (Alexa Leighton) in a grocery store and having fantasies.