Jamie Foxx has spent decades entertaining us with hit TV comedies, Grammy-winning albums and blockbuster films. He has dozens of memorable TV appearances, concerts and cameos that so many of us will hold dear for the rest of our lives.

So when Twitter listed his name as trending on Tuesday, fans held their collective breath, expecting the worst. It turns out he was only generating chatter because sections of the Twitter sphere decided to compare his career to Donald Glover, who has recently been making the rounds to promote the latest version of The Lion King.  

Foxx's appearance on the new season of Jerry Seinfeld's Netflix show, Comedians In Cars Getting Coffeewhich premiered last week, seemed to have also struck a chord with a younger crowd who only knew him as an Oscar-winning, A-list actor and not as a primetime comedian and top-shelf crooner.

While many people did try to compare the two entertainers, most people said Foxx was a legend who needed to be respected for the decades of work he's put in. If anything, the debate brought back some of Foxx's most memorable work.

In the end, most Twitter users wondered why we couldn't appreciate both performers for their work and be grateful that both continue to give us great content.  

Dozens of clips from both artists' decades of work flooded our timelines, bringing back some of the best stuff from Glover's stand-up and Foxx's legendary show in the '90s.

Some on Twitter took issue with the premise of pitting the two against each other. People even brought back a clip from the BET Awards last year where the two performed a beautiful acoustic version of Glover's hit song, "This Is America." 

Give both of them their flowers!