Some people have taken to social media to criticize a selected passage from a chapter from Issa Rae's 2015 book The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl. The passage in question is about black women and Asian men, and it began making its rounds on social media although many have come to Issa Rae's defense, dismissing it as satire and urging others to discuss its context. 

Screenshots of the "Insecure" creator's book features passages about dating and black women and Asian men being at the "bottom of the dating totem pole" in the United States. For years, and particularly when this book was published, discussions and studies on online dating have indeed revealed that Asian men and black women are the least sought groups for dating preferences. 

Many have argued that Issa Rae's chapter was satirical and intended to bring awareness to race when dating in the United States. One Twitter user, @DrRondreaMathis, argued that "context matters" when reading shared screenshots of the book's chapter. 

"Because context matters," she wrote in part. "And because I read her book. And because I taught her book."

But some on Twitter expressed their dismay with the passages,  sparking discussions on race and interracial dating:

Many on social media also argued that people should read Issa Rae's book in its entirety before critiquing selected passages while others were called out for not understanding satire. The actress has not publicly commented on the debate at the time this article was published.