Bishop Lamar Whitehead has some bad luck with livestreaming. During the Sunday, September 18, stream of his sermon, Whitehead was seen choking a woman as she approached the pulpit. 

The 44-year-old is the pastor of Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministries in the Canarsie neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. 

In the live video, Whitehead stood in front of his congregation in a flashy Christian Dior suit while delivering his sermon. As he gave his sermon, a congregation member began to heckle the pastor. Whitehead didn’t seem happy about this and called the woman to the front, asking if she wanted to come up and preach the sermon.

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When the woman approached the pulpit, Whitehead told her, “Imma make you famous.” Off camera, the woman shouted words at Whitehead as she moved closer. Whitehead began speaking in tongues as the woman neared, and other congregation members began to rustle around.

He then asked members to remove the woman from the service, but the commotion continued. Whitehead then insinuated that the woman’s actions were antics for social media. When the woman finally appeared on camera, things began to go left.

In the video, the woman walked in front of Whitehead while she appeared to be shouting at someone outside the frame. Whitehead then charged at the woman and grabbed her by the neck, moving her off camera.

After the altercation, the woman yelled that she would be pressing charges. Whitehead responded with, “Press whatever charges you want.”

After the service, police were called to the church, and footage shows Whitehead speaking with the police and being handcuffed.


The congregation member in question also took to social media to share the evidence of the assault.

The woman, whose Instagram handle is @tarshaglobal, showed bruises and scratch marks on her neck where the bishop allegedly grabbed her after she approached the altar.



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After speaking with the police, Bishop Whitehead started a new Facebook livestream and shared his side of the story.


During the stream, Whitehead stated the woman and others were sent in to disrupt his service, alleging they were tied to litigation he’s involved in. He added that the woman was actually threatening and beginning to charge toward his wife and baby daughter, and he stated he did what he had to do to keep them out of harm’s way. He also said he has to have more footage that will show the whole story.

The litigations he referred to are lawsuits that he filed, seeking $40 million in damages from YouTubers DeMario Jives and Larry Reid after they accused him of stealing from his congregation.

As reported by Daily Mail UK, Jives allegedly told his 80,000 followers the pastor has been wearing the same jewelry that was allegedly stolen from him in July.

The lawsuits allege Jives and Reid have cost Whitehead business deals, church members and income.

Whitehead and his church have been in the public eye since their Facebook livestream captured the pastor getting robbed at the pulpit during a Sunday service.

As reported by Blavity, Whitehead stated that he and his wife were robbed of “almost 1 million dollars in jewelry” and that his church was “traumatized.”

Social media showed little sympathy as the pastor continued to attend court proceedings and public appearances while wearing designer clothing and driving expensive cars.

The story got even stickier when allegations were made that the pastor conned a congregation member out of her $90,000 life savings. A separate lawsuit was also uncovered, in which developers allege that he owes over $335,000.

According to TMZ, Whitehead has not been arrested or charged with anything at this time.

Tell us how you feel! Are these just a stream of unfortunate events, or should Whitehead just log out?