A conversation with Prohaize about his fight for justice

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| August 16 2016,

10:30 am

Blavity: Tell us more about why body cameras were the piece of legislation that motivated you to start Justice Trail?

B: At a certain point in the documentary, you state that body cameras are an unbiased 3rd party that hold everyone accountable. However, despite numerous brutality videos being caught on tape, we still aren't seeing very many cops being held accountable. What are your thoughts?

B: Something I was blown away by while watching your film was how consistently positive and dedicated you were. What kept you so motivated throughout the trail?

B: Justice Trail's tactics have been really innovative. The interactive map on your website, the documentary and the great photography are all very impressive. Talk about the ways in which your team used tech to further your mission.

B: What's next for Justice Trail? How will you and your team continue to fight against police brutality?

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