Headed back to school? Keep your head on straight, make new friends and line your pockets with the help of these on-campus gigs. Visit your school’s career center and fill out an application ASAP!

Working at the campus Art Gallery has its perks. While you’re sketching away, painting and getting your graphic design education, you could be getting paid to breathe in art on a regular basis. And you might just get to help plan campus art events.

Being a campus Radio DJ is a great way to experiment with music production, listen to dope sounds and, who knows, future bae might be an indie hip-hop head.



Working at the information desk or Student Union, you’ll be the first to know what’s going on on campus, you’ll build leadership skills through time management and you’ll probably get some downtime to do your homework.




English majors — want to get paid to build your writing skills? Being a Writing Tutor is for you. Help others out with writing those term papers and build your resume at the same time.



Volunteering or working in the Dean of Students’ Office is built for aspiring lawyers and leaders. Get your foot in the student government door and build leadership skills as well. You’ll appreciate this experience when you’re applying for those Capitol Hill internships.




Campus Activities Leader is the perfect job for budding party promoters and PR specialists. It builds character, gets you noticed around campus and you get to use your creative insights to run campus events.






Don’t forget about work-study jobs and internships. Put that hard work toward your tuition, and you won’t have to worry about Sallie Mae!


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