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Our Remix Of ‘This Is America’ Aims To Tell The Truth About The Country’s Student Debt Crisis

"The creation of PeduL began when we saw first hand there was a major problem with students having the resources to attend and stay in college."
Chisa Egbelu
 • 5 months ago

Why I Will Always Anticipate HBCU Homecoming Season

"Not only are we excited to get together and party, but we’re also taking time to reflect on life, history and culture."
 • 6 months ago

You Want To Be The First Black [Fill In The Blank]?

No thanks.
Ashlea Archer
 • 6 months ago

Higher Ed Can Reproduce Institutional And Cultural Racism, Making Them 'Not So Safe' Spaces For African American Students

A few students chime in.
Dominique Thomas
 • 8 months ago

3 College Options For Black Students Looking For A Unique Educational Experience

Picking the right college becomes a challenge of finding a place that provides the necessary educational support, financial support and community support to allow them to successfully reach graduation.
 • 9 months ago

14-Year-Old Who Graduated College Wants To Be A Cosmetic Chemist To Help Everyone Achieve Skin That Don't Crack

We stan a multitasking education legend.
Tonja Renée Stidhum
 • 10 months ago

89-Year-Old, Who Dropped Out Of School In The Sixth Grade, Is The Oldest Person To Graduate From This University's Class Of 2018

It ain't neva too late.
Alexa Lisitza
 • 10 months ago

Let’s Take A Minute To Clear Up Any Confusion About Black Commencement Ceremonies

"Having a problem with a black commencement ceremony is like having a problem with any other minority student campus organization."
Tiye Naeemah Cort
 • 10 months ago

As A Queer Black Syracuse Student, Here's Why I’m Not Surprised By Theta Tau’s Racist Remarks

Over the past four years, I've come to realize Syracuse University is microcosm of greater systems of oppression.
Caroline Colvin
 • a year ago

New Orleans High School Student Gets Accepted Into 83 Colleges, Receives Over $3 Million In Scholarships

Black Boy Magic
Alexa Lisitza
 • a year ago

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