Cop Caught Yelling, 'I Could Shoot One Of These N*ggers' After Allegedly Beating Handcuffed Black Teen

Former police chief Frank Nucera, Jr. will face hate crime charges later this year.

Photo Credit: Photo: NBC10

| March 23 2018,

6:07 pm

In September of 2016, Police Chief Frank Nucera, Jr., responded to a police call requesting backup at a Bordentown, New Jersey, Ramada hotel. Prosecutors say the call resulted in the then-18-year-old Timothy Stroye being beaten while in handcuffs. That beating allegedly included Nucera slamming Stroy's head into a metal doorjab that caused "a loud thud" heard by witnesses. 

Dash cam video, 9-1-1 tapes and police logs of the incident were recently released, shedding more light on the incident, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer

In the dash cam video, Nucera can be seen responding to the back-up request in relation to a "black male" who didn't pay his $65 hotel bill and refused to get out of the hotel pool. Nucera can be seen wearing a pink shirt and tie in the video. Five other police officers were at the scene, wearing uniforms.

Following the incident, Nucera was quoted as saying black people were “like ISIS; they have no value,” and that he wished he could join a firing squad to “mow them down.”

Nucera resigned and was arrested on federal hate crime charges, and will appear in court later this year. Judges granted Nucera's attorney, Rocco Cipparone, Jr., extended time to properly prepare his defense. 

The Inquirer Daily News interviewed Stroye back in November 2017. At that time, he claimed the officers approached him with their hands on their guns.

"I thought they were going to shoot me,” he said.

The new tapes show that Nucera had a pattern of racist behavior.

Following the Ramada incident, Nucera was heard exclaiming at his station,  “It’s gonna get to the point where I could shoot one of these n*ggers.” He also hurled threats at the aunt of a teen girl who was charged along with Stroye for resisting arrest. Stroye has since had all charges against him dismissed. 

“The chief operated in a rogue and racist manner. He did it with malice,” noted civil rights activist Walter L. Hudson, founder of the National Awareness Alliance. “This is the playbook of police brutality when it comes to black and brown people.”

“You can be a bigot and be a cop,” stated Jon Shane, an associate professor of criminal justice at the City University of New York and a former Newark, N.J. police captain. “When the officer acts on it and takes some kind of force and during the use of force, they’re throwing around the n-word or calling someone a filthy Arab … then you have a problem.”

Nucera has denied the charges and pleaded not guilty. He is out on $500,000 secured bond.