Over the weekend, legendary philosopher of race, Cornel West, introduced Senator Bernie Sanders (I, Vt.) to a crowd of supporters at Benedict College, an historically black liberal arts school. West endorsed the Vermont Senator for the Democratic presidential nomination late this summer and it came as no surprise as his spotted history with Obama wouldn't likely lead to a Clinton endorsement. Sanders’ Saturday speech was followed by a 10 point lead over Hillary Clinton in Iowa polls (Sanders 43% and Clinton 33%). In the 5 minute introduction, West exclaims that “If the election was held right now, and if only the people (who vote) were 25 and younger, he would be President at the moment”. Check out the video below to hear the rousing introduction. Sanders will test his rhetoric again today at socially conservative Liberty University.   [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8cex4VTrwg[/embed]