Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) gave a charismatic speech on the Senate floor Tuesday regarding defunding the police. 

The New Jersey Senator's remarks followed Sen. Tommy Tuberville’s (R-AL) introduction of a non-binding amendment to Democrats’ 2022 budget resolution which would cut federal funding to local governments that defund police reports Newsweek. 

A non-binding amendment, or resolution, is a motion adopted by a deliberative body that cannot be written into law. The statements in a non-binding motion act as a confirmation of the current position of the branch of government on a particular issue.

"Madam President, I am so excited. This is a gift,” Booker said sardonically as he began his speech. “If it wasn’t complete abdication of Senate procedures and esteem I would walk over there and hug my colleague from Alabama.”

"There are some people who've said that there are members of this deliberative body that want to defund the police — to my horror,” he added. “This senator has given the gift that finally once and for all we can put to bed this scurrilous accusation that somebody in this great, esteemed body would want to defund the police.”

Booker also encouraged senators to “not walk but sashay” down in favor of the amendment and put the “lies” to rest. 

“Can we add also that every senator here wants to defund the police, believes in God, country and apple pie?” he said at the conclusion of his monologue. 

The clip of Booker’s performance has since gone viral, garnering over 230,000 views and social media weighing in on his speech.