A family reunion is needed now that Cory Booker and RuPaul have discovered they are distant cousins. 

RuPaul appeared on the latest episode of PBS' "Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates" and was told that he and the New Jersey senator share relatives.

In the episode, RuPaul noted that the two look alike and told Gates that Booker also looks very similar to one of his cousins. 

"He looks like my kin!" RuPaul said.

Booker appeared on the first season of the show that shows Gates routinely checking new DNA samples against past guests to see if there are like relatives or ancestry. When they put RuPaul's DNA through their system, the scientists discovered that he and Booker share a long stretch of identical DNA on their first chromosome.

Booker spoke about the revelation during an interview with Wendy Williams on Tuesday.

“Both he and I were subjects of this show, ‘Finding Your Roots.’ Henry Louis Gates has a show where he traces your roots and ancestry. Since [Gates] keeps the data of past people, he saw RuPaul and I have a very strong common DNA chain which demonstrates that we’re very close cousins,” he told Williams on her show.

“I love RuPaul. I haven’t had a chance to talk to him since the news was revealed, but I was very happy about that news and hope he and I can have a family reunion soon,” he added. 

Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates has been running on PBS since 2012 and has gone through the genealogies of many famous people. 

The show got caught in some controversy in 2015 when it was revealed that actor Ben Affleck pressured Gates and other producers to leave out references to relatives of his that owned slaves. In leaked emails, Gates fought with Sony executives over whether to omit the references. But when the show aired, all connections to slave-owning relatives were cut out, according to The New York Times.