The Supreme Court heard arguments in the case regarding the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which allows immigrants brought to the United States as children protections against deportation Tuesday. 

The program was originally created in 2012 by President Barack Obama but President Trump 2017 attempted to repeal it in 2017. That action was blocked in federal court and has been working up the court system ever since.

Massive protest marked the day with thousands of students marching more than 200 miles to the steps of the Supreme Court. 

Much of the discussion surrounding the issue of DACA has made it out to be an issue only surrounding Mexican immigrants,  but statistics show many immigrants eligible for the program also come from African and Caribbean countries. 

“They sent a very clear message that it’s okay for them to use our bodies as property and nothing more. Our fear is that this is a set-up,” said Jayes-Green, an afro-Panamanian immigrant to NBC News, at the time of Trump originally announcing his repeal of the program in 2017. “They rescinded the program which means they want something else. The administration is pushing Congress to put this right legislatively, but they want to use us as bargaining chips, offer us as inducements for the border wall.”

President Trump reaffirmed that thought process early Tuesday when he mentioned the case in a tweet, promising a deal would be made with congressional Democrats if the program is allowed to be rescinded. 

A New York Times analysis of questions asked by the justice that a party line vote is expected, but no official word is to be given on the future of the program before Spring 2020 at the earliest.