TikTok food creator Waymond Wesley, known under his alias Chef Way, is catching heat for old tweets. 

Twitter sleuths found triggering tweets from Wesley dating back to 2015. The content of several posts was colorist, misogynistic and fatphobic. The Houston-based influencer often targeted darker-skinned Black women. According to BuzzFeed News, Wesley cropped a dark-skinned model out of a photo with a light-skinned one and captioned the image, complaining that the dark-skinned model “messed up the pic.”

The off-putting tweets came from Wesley’s now-deleted account @WaymoTheGod. One of the most heinous ones shared was, “Black b*****s make for good punching bags.”

His old tweets became a topic of discussion after he posted a recipe for oxtail pasta. Followers quickly remembered Wesley’s previous persona, calling out his rebrand, and began serving screenshots. 

One user posted a screenshot of a tweet where Wesley referenced Sandra Bland, who was found dead in her jail cell three days after being arrested during a traffic stop in 2015. Her death, which was ruled a suicide, sparked the influencer to tweet: “If black lives mattered to Sandra Bland, she wouldn’t have taken her own life. I’m serious too.”