Dave Chappelle recently helped right a wrong when he personally gave North Carolina fans tickets to his show.

CBS News reports Deidra Dickens intended to surprise her husband, Eddie Dickens, with tickets to Chappelle's set at the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center on Valentine’s Day in Charlotte, North Carolina. In an attempt to find wheelchair-accessible seats for her husband, Dickens scoured Craigslist and picked up what she thought was a great deal.

Deidra reportedly paid a Craiglist seller $500 for four tickets. But Deidra told WBTV she couldn't reach the seller after she'd transferred the money.

Deidra filed a report with the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department following the incident, and her story was picked up by local news outlets.

Chappelle got word of the news story and reached out to WBTV in order to set up a surprise for the couple.

In an attempt to smooth over the disappointment, the Dickenses and the couple who'd planned to join them at Chappelle's show opted to celebrate Valentine's day with a double dinner date. The popular comedian crashed that dinner, personally delivering four tickets to his show.

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"Always get your tickets from reliable sources," Chappelle advised after surprising the group. As the couples thanked him for his generosity, he responded, "It's my pleasure, man, I'm so glad it worked out."

"It felt good," Chappelle later said about his good deed. "It felt like I just got to make something that was wrong right. And it didn't hurt me or cost me anything to do it, so I'm just happy it worked out." 

The couples were more than grateful for the irreplaceable moment. 

"Holy moley," said Deidra. "Dave Chappelle handing us tickets to the show. I cannot even describe how I'm feeling right now."

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