A group of black men was stopped and unjustly searched by D.C. Metropolitan police, and neighborhood commissioner Anthony Lorenzo Green is not letting them off the hook.

Green is accusing the officers of violating the men's civil rights. In his letter to D.C. Police Chief Peter Newsham, he says police used an armed undercover officer to justify searches of at least three men in the group on June 13, according to WUSA 9.

Newsham responded to Green and promised a full investigation in an email:

“Commissioner Green – thank you for bringing this matter to my attention. I will ensure that a full and complete investigation will be conducted. If police misconduct is sustained, we will take the appropriate measures to address. The Metropolitan Police Department is committed to fair, unbiased and constitutional policing. I am hopeful that the community we serve doesn't take any single incident of police misconduct and attribute that behavior to all of the men and women of this agency. I will ensure that you and CM Gray are kept abreast of the results of our investigation.”

Bystanders captured the incident on video, which occurred outside Nook's Barber and Beauty Salon.

The video does not show the officer's “commitment" to “fair, unbiased and unconstitutional policing.” In the eight-minute clip, the gentlemen are stopped and frisked just because they were a group of black men hanging outside of a barber shop.

"For some reason, D.C. police believe the idea of community policing is to take our grandmothers out for donuts and coffee and take out little kids to jump on moon bounces, but when it comes to our young black men and women, they treat them as enemies," Green told WJLA.

The WUSA 9 report also mentioned that eight out of 10 people stopped and frisked by D.C. police were black. 

Because the officers found a weapon (a BB gun) on one man, they insisted searches were both necessary and legal for the entire group.

But that’s not how this works, and the men knew their rights. The group of men unified in protest against the officers’ request to search and argued with the officers for nearly six minutes.

One officer can be heard saying “You look angry; I’m not angry.”

Yeah, OK.

Stop and frisk is a tactic police have used for far too long to criminalize black and brown communities, and it has heavily contributed to the rise in mass incarceration over the past few decades.

Doing anything #whileblack is obviously suspicious to #BBQBecky, #DepressedDebbie, 45’s entire administration and the D.C. police force.

Watch the full clip below: