Felicia Kaye has been a Delta flight attendant for the last five years and recently experienced a rare occurrence in her career: She worked with an all-Black crew for the first time during a flight earlier in October.

According to 11 Alive, Kaye needed extra hours and decided to pick up a flight departing from the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport to Kansas City.

When Kaye arrived at the gate for the late flight, she noticed a pattern as the other attendants started to show up.

“We’ve had an African-American crew, but we just hadn’t all experienced having the pilots as well and having the entire crew be African-American,” Kaye said, according to 11 Alive. “It made me feel amazing. It made all of us feel amazing, and we felt that we wanted to capture that.”

Kaye shared a photo of the historic moment on her Facebook account and praised the airline for its diversity efforts within the company.

“Last night, I reported to my gate to work a late flight. As the other attendants arrived, we realized we would be an all African American crew,” Kaye wrote in the post’s caption. “Then, the First officer arrived … and lastly, the Captain. We all looked around at each other and took in the moment. We quickly agreed that we’ve never seen this before, but thanks to the diversity in our airline, we’ll soon see it again. Our entire crew is African American!! Wow!”

She received overwhelming support from thousands of social media users as they also hoped a moment like this would happen again.

According to the airline, this isn’t the first time an all-Black crew has worked on a Delta flight. However, Kaye said she herself had never before worked with a flight crew where the first officer and pilot were also Black.

“The company is so progressive. Delta is so diverse, and it just really, really made me feel Delta proud,” Kaye said, per 11 Alive.