The list of disheartening violations continues to grow in Tyre Nichols‘ case, as one of the five former police officers sent pictures shortly after beating him.

According to The New York Times, the Tennessee Peace Officers Standards and Training Commission released documents from the Memphis Police Department’s internal investigation revealing that while Nichols was leaning against the patrol car in handcuffs, bloody and needing medical attention, Demetrius Haley took multiple photos of him. He then sent the pictures to six people, fellow officers who were not on the scene and a female civilian.

In addition to the five officers violating Nichols’ rights when they pulled him over, forcing him out of his vehicle, inhumanely punching and kicking him while he was restrained, and lying in the police report, this was another offense of police protocol regarding confidential information not being shared with outside parties.

According to the documents, Haley boasted and laughed about the encounter while the 29-year-old needed medical attention. The Tennessee Peace Officers Standards and Training Commission called Haley’s conduct “blatantly unprofessional.” Showing no remorse for his and the other officers’ actions suggests similar behavior occurred during other arrests.

Haley’s lawyer, Michael Stengel, and the other former officers’ legal representation haven’t released a statement concerning this revelation.

This information was shared with a state agency when the Memphis Police Department sent paperwork to request that the five ex-officers lose their police certification and would never be allowed to work as officers in Tennessee. Additionally, several additional police officers are under investigation for their roles in Nichols’ death due to their lack of honesty to medical professionals and assistance in attempting to cover the crime.

As Blavity covered, Haley, Tadarrius Bean, Emmitt Martin III, Desmond Mills Jr. and Justin Smith were fired and charged with second-degree murder. After being detained by the officers, he succumbed to his injuries from the brutal beating three days later.