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Dennis Rodman Wants To Save Christmas (And The World From Nuclear War) With Ugly X-Mas Sweaters

Sleep in ugly sweater peace?

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Fresh off announcing a plan to save the world from becoming a nuclear wasteland by hosting a basketball tournament, Dennis Rodman has unveiled a new idea for brokering peace between the U.S. and North Korea: ugly Christmas sweaters.

The former basketball star is likely the only person in the world who can call both President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un friends, and his sweater features a Photoshopped image of him and the two leaders smiling happily. Underneath them is the word "UNITE."

And of course, to really crank up the gaudy factor, there are two flaming basketballs surrounding a hoop decorated with a gift bow toward the bottom of the sweater.

Rodman promises that the sweater will not only help the peace process, but that it will also help the troops: an unspecified portion of the profits from the holiday item will go towards the Wounded Warrior Project, a nonprofit that supports both active-duty servicepeople and veterans.

Rodman has been on a tour of Asia of late, and told AFP Beijing that he believes Trump and Kim would get along because they are “pretty much the same people.”

What does the leader of the U.S. have in common with the head of the Hermit Kingdom?

"They love control," Rodman said.

Given this, Rodman believes that if he could just bring the two leaders together, they would be able to work out a way to reduce the tension that currently exists between the two countries. 

Rodman didn't say whether he would be giving his friends Trump and Kim one of the sweaters for Christmas. He did however, say where you can get one.

If you'd like to rep your desire for North Korean/American reconciliation and spread holiday cheer at the same time, you can cop a sweater for $65

Photo: GIPHY
Photo: GIPHY

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