2010 - Denzel Washington and Viola Davis starred in a Broadway revival of FENCES, directed by Kenny Leon, both giving strong performances that would earn them the highest honor in the theatre world, the Tony Award.

Everybody's coming to, or returning to Broadway; Oprah Winfrey very recently reiterated her Broadway plans (although she hasn't revealed what work she'll be bringing to the stage) – plans she first revealed about a year ago.

And today, Denzel Washington, who was last on Broadway, starring in the Kenny Leon-directed revival of August Wilson's Fences, opposite Viola Davis, for which they both won Tony Awards – revealed to Charlie Rose in today's episode of The Charlie Rose Show, that he's planning a return to the stage in 2014.

Here's the quote from the interview (he was on the show with Robert Zemeckis, plugging Flight, which opens in theaters tomorrow):  

"What I want to do is come back to Broadway, which I plan to do in 2014… Scott Rudin and Kenny Leon, who directed me in Fences, we're all trying to figure out which play to do. I won't say which play – they already got their minds made up. But 2014."

So there you have it; it seems like it's pretty much a done deal, and it's just a matter of time before the title of the play is revealed. He says Rudin and Leon have already decided on what the play will be; but he hasn't quite made up his own mind yet as to whether the play they've chosen is one he'd like to do. But the 2014 date seems definite.

I started to speculate, but then remembered that earlier this year, in February, we dug up a profile of Denzel while he was pluggign Safe House, in the UK, which included an interview with Denzel and the statement that the actor was "showing no signs of slowing down, with talk of him starring in Othello with Al Pacino."

Denzel played Othello on stage in college many years ago at Fordham University, so this won't be foreign territory for him, this time teaming up with Al Pacino as Iago.

So might this be the play that Rudin and Leon have already settled on?

What I can say is that, for a number of years now, Pacino has been interested in producing the Shakespearean tragedy, with him playing Iago; most recently, in 2010, while doing press for The Merchant Of Venice on Broadway, in which he played Shylock, he had this to say to the New York Times: "I once talked to Denzel Washington about doing Othello. I turned down Iago in the past because I thought there was a banality to Iago. Time has passed, and I have read the play again and again and found a way in… Now I want to do it."

So… connect the dots…

I haven't heard any "talk" other than what Pacino said to the New York Times, nor have I heard/read anything about Denzel's potential participation since this February's UK Telegraph profile, so we'll see. 

I'd say that a pairing of Pacino and Washington on stage in a Shakespeare work will likely be THE friggin' hottest ticket in town, or at least on Broadway, whenever/if it ever does happen, and you may as well put Denzel's name up there for another Tony Award as well.

But maybe it's a completely different work which we'll find out about eventually; maybe Oprah's waiting for him, and we'll see him and Oprah in a play together! Imagine that!

Finally, also in the Charlie Rose interview, Denzel said that he loved acting on stage the most – more than film, which I thought was interesting. "There's an energy you get from it," he told Rose.

In fact, he said that, what he likes, in order, is, first, directing, then acting on stage, and then acting on film. So while he loves acting for the screen, he'd apparently prefer to either be directing, or, if he's to act, he'd rather act on stage, before film.

Maybe a hint as to what his future might look like… less on-screen acting, more directing, more Broadway.

Watch the full interview below: