Tyrell Slappey, a Black entrepreneur in Detroit, brings joy to dozens of partygoers with his unique video game venture.

Slappey is the co-owner of Round One Gaming Lab, a mobile arcade he drives to birthday parties and other events around the Detroit area. Inside the trailer, video game players can find five plasma-screen TVs. The mobile arcade also includes the newest PlayStation and Xbox editions, as well as dozens of video games to choose from.

“When we pull up, the kids are outside cheering, cheering as we’re pulling up,” Slappey told CBS News.

The Detroit native co-founded Round One Gaming Lab with his mother and business partner. Although he grew up in a tough neighborhood, Slappey found an outlet through playing video games.

“I just been gaming left and right. I never stopped. I’ve called off work for games. I’ve taken leave. I have canceled plans. I love gaming, man,” he said.

Slappey has also persevered despite growing up without positive male role models.

“Single mom. Pretty much raised by mostly women around me,” he said. “Any of the influences that I had that were male weren’t always positive. They were in and out of jail.”

The Detroit businessman now wants to be an example for kids looking up to him.

“This business isn’t just gaming or entrepreneurial role. It’s really hope for those kids in the city,” he said.

Slappey is determined to keep his business growing as he moves forward.

“We don’t just want this thing at barbecues, backyard parties and birthdays. We want to be at events that are also the heartbeat of Detroit,” he said. “The auto show, and the Thanksgiving parade. We want to be down at LCA (Little Caesars Arena), we want to be at the Lions’ tailgates, and we’ve been getting a lot of business at some of those things that we name.”