You remember Kevin
don’t you?

He’s the Sesame Street Elmo
puppeteer, and one of the producers and directors of the show, who was forced
to leave the show last fall after a scandal erupted, regarding accusations of Clash having inappropriate sexual relations with young underage boys..

Well, this past Friday, Crash won three Emmy awards at the Daytime Entertainment Creative Arts
Emmy Awards

At the event, Clash shared an award as the executive
co-producer of Sesame Street, which won Outstanding
Pre-School Children’s Series
, and shared another one for Outstanding Directing in a Children’s Series. He also won an Emmy
for Outstanding Performer in a Children’s Series.

Currently, there are several lawsuits that have been filed
accusing Clash of sexual abuse, and, since last fall, except for an official statement
released by him announcing that he was voluntarily leaving Sesame Street, Clash
has not been seen or heard from since the scandal broke out.

One assumes, of course, that he was not present for the
awards show last Friday, and, out of curiosity, I wonder what was the reaction by
the gathered audience there when his name was announced. Was there any
response? Was there just a smattering of applause out of politeness or stone silence?

And who accepted the awards for him, and what did they say
in their acceptance speeches for him?

No doubt it must have been very uncomfortable.