Barry Jenkins, the mastermind behind the critically-acclaimed film Moonlight, will be partnering with the mentoring organization My Brother’s Keeper Alliance. Production company A24 made the announcement earlier this week. 

My Brother’s Keeper, an initiative established during the Obama administration, is a coalition that “focuses on empowering young men of color with the resources and support they need in order to achieve their full potential, regardless of circumstance.” This is huge news for the Oscar-nominated director and a great move, considering the tone of the film and its emphasis on the chaos that can come with maturing.

“I’m getting message from people back home in Miami now, people living in the world you see depicted in this film,” Jenkins said during an interview on “Playback” (a podcast hosted by Variety). “I think people look at me and they see that [Academy Award nominations] happen, and their idea of what they are capable of is shifting … what’s possible is shifting and it’s a beautiful thing.”

Amazing! Barry Jenkins + Barry O. 

Photo: Giphy