Crochet braids are a simple protective style that can transform your look quickly and easily. You can go from a teeny weeny afro to a full-length ‘fro in just hours, or rock a head full of kinky twists without being at the salon all day. They’re also a great way to experiment with fun colors without damaging your own hair.

crochet braids
Photo: How To Black Hair

My favorite YouTube naturalistas claimed that crochet braids are also a simple DIY style, so I decided to try it to see if ‘anyone’ can do it. Understand: Handiwork is not my strong suit. I’m not a braider. I don’t do crafts. My homemade creations make Pinterest fails look like Martha Stewart masterpieces. So I’m not the most logical candidate for self-braiding.

But I tried it, and this is what happened:

I watched the videos

If you don’t happen to have a private crochet-braid consultant on retainer, then YouTube tutorials are the next best thing.

I gathered the supplies

I decided to try the style with jumbo Senegalese twists, and I purchased them from my local beauty supply store.

Photo: AliExpress
Photo: AliExpress

Tip: Buy more than you need so that you don’t end up making last-minute runs back to the store. My store recommended I get six packs, so I bought eight. I ended up using them all.

I did the ‘do

The style involves two simple steps: braiding your natural hair into cornrows, then crocheting the extensions onto the cornrows. You can do this with an actual crochet hook or with a similar, inexpensive tool sold at beauty supply stores.

Photo: Ali Express
Photo: Ali Express

The beauty of this technique is that it allows you to recreate almost any look – braided, straight, curly or kinky, without spending all day in the salon chair. This style took me about three hours to complete.

Photo: YouTube
Photo: YouTube

The most difficult part was braiding my hair into cornrows because, like I said, I can’t braid. But I did some half-braided, half-flat twisted mutant cornrows and I got it done.

crochet braids
Photo: Riffsy

Tip: Leave yourself more time than you think you’ll need. I wanted to redo the sections where my hair would be parted to create a cleaner look, but I had plans for the night and ran out of time.

I got a cosigner

Friends don’t let friends leave the house looking a mess. I got the okay from a trusted girlfriend, who pointed out a few spots that needed another braid. Then she gave the ultimate co-signature:

crochet braid
Photo: Riffsy

And then I was done!

Final result: Not bad!

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Have you tried crochet braids? Leave your pics and tips in the comments below, and elet me know what I should try next!

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