DMX was released from prison on Friday after serving a year for tax evasion.

Vulture reports the rapper was originally scheduled for release on Sunday. His release was preponed due to a Bureau of Prisons policy stating an inmate will be freed “the last preceding weekday if their projected release date falls on a weekend or legal holiday.”

On Thursday, Murray Richman, X’s lawyer, said the 48-year-old was excited to get out.

“I spoke to him; he’s very happy,” Richman said. “He’s looking forward to being home. He’s never been hotter than now — people have been seeking him out all over.”

Richman walked out of Gilmer Federal Correctional Institution in Glenville, West Virginia, with his client following his release, according to People Magazine. The rapper eventually met up with his fiancée and 2-year-old son for a meal.

The “Party Up” rapper was jailed in January 2018 for not paying his $1.7 million IRS bill.

“DMX made millions from his chart-topping songs, concert performances and television shows,” the prosecution said in a statement. “But while raking in millions from his songs, including his 2003 hit ‘X Gon’ Give it to Ya,’ DMX didn’t give any of it to the IRS. Far from it, DMX allegedly went out of his way to evade taxes, including by avoiding personal bank accounts, setting up accounts in other’s names and paying personal expenses largely in cash.”

DMX took responsibility for his actions during his sentencing, according to the New York Daily News.

“I knew that taxes needed to be paid. I hired people but I didn't follow up. I guess I really didn't put too much concern into it,” he said. “I never went to the level of tax evasion where I'd sit down and plot ... like a criminal in a comic book.”

DMX will be under supervised release for three years and still owes the IRS $2,292,200 in restitution.

X has not spoken publicly about his post-prison plans, but Billboard reports he has been in negotiations for a biopic and wants to release his first album since 2012.

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