And that's a wrap. Hillary Clinton is officially the Democratic presidential nominee. She accepted the historic call from her party on Thursday as millions watched the fourth and final night of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. The night was met with a string of celebrities, politicians and notable names all there advocating for Clinton's political record

Felicia Sanders and Polly Sheppard, two of the three survivors from last summer's deadly shooting at Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina took the stage

“Hate destroys those who harbor it,” said Sanders, also the mother of one of the nine victims. “I refuse to let hate destroy me.” The two expressed their gratitude for Clinton's relentless efforts to call on lawmakers for gun control, putting an end to senseless violence

“Hillary was in South Carolina the day before the shooting and in the days that followed,” Sheppard said. “She talked about the hatred in our nation, the racism, the injustice. She said that we can’t hide from these truths. She called on us to name them and own them and change them.”

Bakari Sellers spoke at the convention, using the platform to push #BlackLivesMatter.

And Reverend William Barber came through with a full sermon about America's democracy.

Clinton's daughter, Chelsea, introduced her as a politician about service to the people and in a way she knows her best; as mom

As she graced the stage with the cheers and applause from tens of thousands in the packed convention, Clinton issued many thanks to her supporters including Bernie Sanders but also read Trump for filth on countless occasions. She said, "Love trumps hate. That’s the country we're fighting for. That’s the future we're working toward."

Twitter fingers.

Things have come full circle for the Clinton family presidential ambitions.

Here are her full remarks from the night.

We've heard from both sides and now election day is 102 days away. Do you have a clearer picture on your decision?

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