Trying to figure out what Kanye West's wild pro- Donald Trump stunts mean will lead to an untimely death, at least according to the hilarious "A Kanye Place" skit on the latest episode of Saturday Night Live. 

Donald Glover pulled double duties hosting and performing as Childish Gambino on SNL Saturday. In an episode full of surprises, including an appearance from Stormy Daniels in the opening sketch poking fun at the president's Russia scandal, Glover's timing is absolutely perfect. It's likely only the Atlanta rapper and actor could capture the strangeness surrounding West, while spoofing popular horror film A Quiet Place simultaneously.

"Kanye has the [MAGA] hat and everything. Trump signed it. He signed the hat, y'all," Glover's character whispers as others tell him to stay quiet so to avoid capture by the scary monsters.

Glover and his group of survivors slowly track to safety but as more of West's tweets come out all hell breaks loose. Kenan Thompson's character gets taken out by some of the monsters chasing them. Then, "The Life of Pablo" musician released a link to his new single "Lift Yourself,"  which features arguably some of the worst lyrics of all time.

"Did he just say 'poopity-scoop?' I need to know if he said 'poopity-scoop,'" Aidy Bryant's character said while searching in a cornfield for the tossed phone.  

But everything came to head when Glover referenced the controversial TMZ Live interview West did last week suggesting slavery was a choice. 

"I know, Kanye was just on TMZ, and he said slavery was a choice," Glover's character said, once again breaking the silence and endangering the group. Shortly thereafter, the last white person in Glover's group was picked off by the monster. 

The Chicago rapper has shocked many fans in the past two weeks with his Twitter rants proclaiming his love for the president and other conservative figures. It seems people couldn't take the spot on, hilarious skit and reacted accordingly online. 


Take a look at the full skit below: