On Wednesday, May 2, New York's popular Hot 97 radio host Ebro Darden of "Ebro in the Morning" asked whether black women would be willing to give Kanye West a hug. The question posed on Twitter received swift responses, with many folks immediately shutting that notion down.

It's no secret West has sparked outrage and widespread disappointment with his recent Twitter rants and comment that 400 years of slavery sounded like "a choice." So when Darden questioned whether there were any black women willing to hug West – adding that black women can save lives – many on Twitter had a lot of opinions, to say the least. 

"Is there a Black Woman willing to give Kanye a hug?" the radio host wrote. "A hug from a Black Woman can save your life…."

Many on Twitter argued that black women are often burdened to "save" lives – America as a whole included –  with little support in return. 

One Twitter user wrote, "And who saves black women while we’re out here saving everyone and providing free emotional labor. Who?"

Some on Twitter agreed with Ebro and thought the question was fair:

But as one Twitter user noted, many responded that West's recent antics works against the support of black women: