Fans of Donald Glover didn't get to enjoy his latest album for very long. According to Variety, the multitalented entertainer deleted a surprise album that he released to his website on Sunday.

The album, Donald Glover Presents, was deleted 12 hours after it was made available and reportedly included previous hits released under his Childish Gambino moniker like "Feels Like Summer" and "Algorythm." Various artists such as 21 Savage, Ariana Grande and SZA were featured on the album, according to Billboard

After making the album available on his website for a short time, the 36-year-old hasn't provided any more details about when he will bring it back.  

The artist, previously known as Childish Gambino, retired his old name in 2017, CNN reported. 

"I stand by that. I'm making another project right now … but I like endings, I think they're important to progress," the artist said after winning a Grammy in 2018. 

After Glover deleted his latest album, some fans considered it a typical move by the artist.  

"Putting out a secret album without telling anybody and then deleting it 12 hours later is potentially the most donald glover thing he’s ever done," wrote Chet Porter on Twitter.

Some others just found it stressful.

"The site streaming Donald Glover’s new album is not working…. so I’m stress," one Twitter user said. 

"Donald glover took down his album come on man you can’t just play with my heart like this," another person said.

Another Twitter user said "I am super bummed that @donaldglover album is no longer streaming – it was great! I had it on repeat all day long yesterday, glad I listened to it while it was available."

Glover's artwork, which featured a large crowd, also didn't go unnoticed in a time where social distancing is encouraged because of the coronavirus. 

"Donald Glover really picked the perfect time for this album. Just look at the artwork," one person said.

Glover's "This Is America" made history at the Grammys last year when it became the first rap song to win song and record of the year, as Blavity previously reported