Donald Trump Has Unfortunately Been Immortalized In Teddy Bear Form

Just in time for Christmas, we guess.

Photo credit:Twitter

| November 13 2018,

7:46 pm

President Donald Trump has been called many things: a bully, a great businessman, Agent Orange. Rarely has the commander-in-chief been called cute.

Someone out there, however, felt Trump was cute enough to make a good teddy bear, and thus we have the Trumpy Bear, a children's toy which can be yours for just two easy payments of $19.95 (yes, really).  

In a move sure to be a hit with extra patriotic folks, the Trumpy Bear comes with an American flag-themed blanket. Oh, and the bear was born on Flag Day (June 14), and each is shipped with a certificate of authenticity.

The teddy-in-chief was met on Twitter first with shock and awe, which was soon followed by derision: 

Maybe a Kanye MAGA hat bear will be next.

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