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The Police Officer Who Shot And Killed Philando Castile Has Been Found Not Guilty

The horrid killing of Philando Castile has been burned and etched into our memories, when Facebook Live video erupted of a bloody and dying Castile with his girlfriend Diamond Reynolds’ bloodcurdling scream in the background. As you may recall, Minnesota police officer Jeronimo Yanez pulled over the 32-year-old public school nutrition worker for a broken brake light in July of...

Kyrie Irving Surprised His Dad With A Home Renovation!

Father’s Day is near!In one of the sweetest moves in the history of basketball, Kyrie Irving decided to show his love for his dad with a grand gesture: renovating his dad’s house!The gift is extra-special because the house is the childhood home of the Cleveland Cavalier star.According to The Bleacher Report, Irving appeared on the online series My Houzz, and with the...