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TonjaRenee's posts

So Chi You Thought I Was Bashful: 11 Things Only Folks From Chicago Understand

I was born and bred in the Second City. The wind bristles through my lungs and the deep dish sticks to my ribcage, molding me. I may currently dwell in Los Angeles, but Chicago has always been and will always been home. I ride for the Chi from the way I walk and talk down to the way I create. Every major city has their "thing": That thing that makes your city... yours....

6 Black-Owned Restaurants In LA You Must Try

Los Angeles is a true melting-pot, serving as a city enriched with culture. I always tell folks, “if you want to travel the world in one city, visit LA!” and it’s true. Food is an aspect of culture that is deeply-ingrained within the pores of its people. In black culture, in particular, food is a pathway to the community.Since moving to LA about a year and a half ago,...

In Honor Of James Baldwin's Birthday: 8 Times James Baldwin Snatched Bigotry's Wig

James Baldwin is a universal treasure. His presence and contribution to society is unmatched and shall never be forgotten. If you know anything about Baldwin, his M.O. was tearing down racial, sexual and class discriminations in a manner that perfectly balanced the cutting and the classy.There was no clapback like a Baldwin clapback, and he snipped his opponents and detractors...