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Posted under: News
After coming for President Donald Trump in his latest long-form piece for The Atlantic, writer Ta-Nehisi Coates holds nothing back as he reemphasized the ways in which Trump is a white supremacist.

During the Friday, Sept. 15 broadcast of All In with Chris Hayes, Coates goes to bat for ESPN's Jemele Hill who has become the center of a spiraling controversy over calling Trump a white supremacist via Twitter.

The writer backs up Hill and plows full steam ahead listing several instances the president has aligned himself with white supremacy. 

"... If your response to the first black president is that they weren’t born in this country, despite all proof; if you say they weren’t smart enough to go to Harvard Law School, and demand to see their grades; if that’s the essence of your entire political identity, you might be a white supremacist; it’s just possible."

Just watch the incredible take down above. 

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