Donald Trump came for Maxine Waters on Saturday night during the Gridiron Dinner, according to Talking Points Memo

During the event, which is known for allowing presidents a space to crack jokes, he took a jab at her intelligence.

"Maxine Waters, 'He must be impeached!' That's all she knows how to say, 'He must be impeached! Impeached!'" the president reportedly said. "But he's done nothing wrong. Doesn't matter, they say. What has he done wrong? 'I don't know! You got to be impeached!' And then I say, I get in trouble for this, 'She has to immediately, take an I.Q. test.'"

He also poked fun at former Vice-President Joe Biden, who once said that he wishes he and Trump “were in high school, I could take him behind the gym.”

Trump tweaked the line and changed the location for his routine.

"There’s talk about Joe Biden, Sleepy Joe, getting into the race,” Trump said at the dinner. “You know what he said, ‘I want to take him behind the barn.’ Just trust me, I would kick his ass.” The president is currently 71-years-old. Biden is currently 75.

Trump also made jokes about his own administration, including commentary about Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who was in attendance. 

We know Auntie Maxine doesn’t take anyone’s mess, and she had a clapback ready for Trump when she did an interview with MSNBC's Joy Reid on Sunday morning.

“This President has been called stupid, he has been called ignorant, and even his Secretary of State did not deny that he called him a moron. And so he has no credibility,” said Waters.

"He has been name calling, he has been saying all kinds of things. And I certainly expected him to come out with some racist remarks about me. So, he did exactly what I expected him to do. And by the way, I'm told he wasn't funny at all."

She also reaffirmed her dedication to taking down the Trump administration.

“The most important thing this country can do now is impeach this president and make sure we get rid of him and get ready for Pence in 2020.”