Democratic strategist Donna Brazile spilled a bit of tea about her sexuality when she visited The Wendy Williams Show on Monday to promote her book For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Politics.

Brazile was talking about what gets her in the mood when Williams asked a presumptuous question.

“You want to know about my sex life?" Brazile asked. "Wendy gave me a robe. Girl, when I put that on, Teddy Pendergrass gonna come back from the dead. It’s going to be Luther Vandross … by the way, to have a good love life, you need a song. You need to put the back up, the legs out, the thighs in so you can exercise it, rotate it, move it back."

“Who is he Donna?” asked Williams.

Brazile wasn’t too keen on Williams' assumptions about her sexuality and trying to get all up in her business.

“First of all, who said I just like men? Who said I had to tell my whole story, my first time on the show? But I can tell you what I do like; I want to be treated right. I want someone who loves me for who I am,” Brazile replied.

Rumors have swirled about Brazile’s sexuality for years, but she's repeatedly dismissed the speculation. 

"If I had a personal life, I'd have a sexual orientation,” she told a reporter in 1999, according to The New York Times.

"The last time I talked about someone's personal life, I got fired. I'm not about to make my personal life public,” she added, referring to the controversy sparked by her comments about George H.W. Bush’s rumored adultery a decade before.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, In the wake of his death, she said, "President George H.W. Bush was the real deal. We fought, but he was gracious enough to accept my apology."

After dishing on her love life, the Democrat also discussed her highly publicized makeover with Williams.

“First of all, the gray is all mine. It’s about 3/4 mine. They clipped this, and I felt my inner Patti LaBelle … That girl there, she was before 2016, but I’ve let her go,” she said. “My niece put some purple streaks in because I’m an LSU graduate. I’m free now. I’m free.”

Watch the full interview below:

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