The return of the Popeyes chicken sandwich is really setting people off. 

On Tuesday, a video was posted to Twitter of a white man yelling racist epithets to a fellow patron at a Maryland chain, reports the Daily Mail. In tandem with the quickness with which life comes at you, the bigot was soon met with a series of hands to his face. 

While waiting for his food at the counter, the enraged individual suddenly begins yelling at his fellow Popeyes customer.

“Come on n****r,”  he screams. “What the f**k is your Goddamn problem? Huh? You want to be a motherf**ker man? You want me to f**king kick your f**king ass, you piece of s**t?”

He then lunges toward the young man in an attempt to get him to fight back. The victim of the man's rant stayed rather calm throughout his tantrum. 

“You’d better not touch me,” he can be heard saying. 

According to the Twitter user who posted the video, the man being screamed at isn't Black, and the white man was upset because the restaurant ran out of fries.

Witnesses can be heard commenting on the man’s racist remarks, shocked. 

He then grabs his order and storms out of the store, not without a few more choice words. 

“Get the f**k outta my way,” he screams. 

He didn’t get away all too easily, though. Other Black patrons followed him out to let them know they weren’t OK with what he had to say inside. 

“Who you callin' a n****r?” a Black man said before punching the man in the face. “Do you know where the f**k you at n***a? You in my hood.”

He throws him around on the sidewalk before a Popeyes employee attempts to break up the fight. 

The man then demands an apology, which he receives. They also forced the white man to relinquish his chicken sandwich. 

The incident doesn't mark the first time pandemonium has ensued over Popeyes as of recent. 

Kevin Tyrell Davis was stabbed to death after cutting the line at a Popeyes in Maryland. A customer at a San Antonio chain threw a tray at an employee after she had to wait for her order. A Los Angeles woman also crashed her car in the drive-thru after attempting to skip the line.