The protests that were kickstarted by the police killing of George Floyd are now in their third week. One of the biggest talking points on both sides of the political aisle has been violence, looting and the burning of buildings during demonstrations. 

While people have said much of the damage being done to cities has nothing to do with Black Lives Matter protesters, there is now a deep catalog of videos showing white people using the protests as a pretext for smashing windows, looting stores and damaging property.

Over the past two weeks, there has been a significant decrease in the amount of looting and damaging done, but the topic reappeared this weekend during protests over the police shooting of Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta.

A few hours after a video of the killing was released, protesters descended on a local Wendy's where the shooting occurred, and the building was set on fire. The situation was used to criticize Black people for destruction, but it was later revealed by the police that they are searching for a white woman who they believe started the fire, according to Newsweek.

In a video of the incident shared to social media, viewers can see a white woman throw something inside of the Wendy's to make the flames grow.

"Look at this white girl, look at this white girl trying to set s**t on fire. Look at this white girl trying to burn down a Wendy's. This wasn't us. This wasn't us," a Black protester said in one video, according to Newsweek. 

Here are a few other examples of white people using protests to destroy property and have it blamed on Black demonstrators.

There are multiple threads on Twitter and slideshows on Instagram showing white people causing damage, even as Black protesters tell them to stop. 

Twitter user @Freeyourmindkid created a long thread of videos from protests across the country showing Black protesters criticizing groups of white men in masks trashing stores.

This video from Oakland is a prime example of the kind of conduct some white people are showing at these protests. The young men can be heard laughing and joking as they cause destruction.

One young man can be seen driving a tractor on the sidewalk. 

There are also videos showing Black people trying to outright stop white people from smashing windows and destroying storefronts. 

The rest of the thread includes instances where Black protesters reported that white men showed up with hammers or tools and began smashing windows one by one, even as the Black people around them implored them to stop. 

Cities like Oakland, Charlotte, Minneapolis, Chicago and others saw multiple instances of white men fully dressed in black destroying property. 

Another common trend is for white people to spray-paint "BLM" on businesses. Whether this is truly in solidarity with Black protesters or is an effort to malign those demonstrating seems to vary by case.

But there is one now-infamous video showing a white woman spray-painting the phrase on a storefront as police officers look on. 

Other people reported similar occurrences in their cities.

One Twitter user put it succinctly: "Same story everywhere. It's overwhelmingly white kids between 20-30 who are all extremely privileged to the point where they can adopt anarchist ideologies and destroy property of others knowing they won't have to be the ones who live with the consequences."

There are even more videos showing white kids looting in addition to causing damage. 

Thankfully, many people online are doing their best to counteract the narrative that Black people are the main force behind the looting and property damage. 

"I love that this was caught on tape! they been tryna twist the narratives that black ppl are 'so violent', just like they try to twist the narrative when white cops kill a black person and it’s not caught on tape ! FOH!!! Y’all not gonna keep blaming black ppl for everything," @AaliyahJay wrote on Twitter.