A Fox News contributor suggested on-air that America should get more credit for ending slavery, and Dr. Bernice King had time to set her — and those who agree with her — straight. 

HuffPost reports Katie Pavlich of Fox News' Outnumbered delivered the ignorant opinion live on Tuesday, saying, "They keep blaming America for the sin of slavery, but the truth is that throughout human history slavery has existed."

Pavlich added, "America came along as the first country to end it within 150 years. And we get no credit for that."

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After making the factually incorrect statement (which erased more than 250 years of free, gruesome labor and ignored countries like Britain, which outlawed slavery before the U.S.), Pavlich doubled down as she pushed back against her cohost, who noted slavery led to the "very bloody, violent and deadly" Civil War.

"My point is that we were the country that decided to end it and we're still dealing with it," Pavlich said. "But if you want to start a problem and enflame racial tensions even more, start blaming people who having nothing to do with slavery for the sin of slavery."

"That is not fair, and that is not the American way," she added.

Dr. Bernice King, CEO of the King Center for Nonviolent Social Change in Atlanta, took to Twitter to give Pavlich some free education.

“America doesn’t deserve credit for ‘ending slavery,’” King wrote. “What America ended (on paper) reflects an ideology and a quest for power at the expense of humanity that are still prevalent in the policies, spirit and mores of this nation.”

“Also, a nation gets no credit for ‘ending’ a violent atrocity that it allowed and cultivated on its soil and in other nations," the doctor added.

A swarm of Beckys attempted to come for the great King, surprising no one. 

One of her detractors wrote, "If you truly believe this, you will never help bring our country together.”

King answered these critics with a few more words of enlightened shade.

"Lying about and denying the history of this nation and the influence slavery still has on us today won’t bring us together," she wrote with the strength of all of her ancestors. "Truth must precede and accompany reconciliation. Truth: People who point out racism and its dangers aren’t dividing us. Racism is. It’s killing people, too."

Pavlich and crew, please grab your bucket of white tears and proceed to the left. Everyone else, let's carry on. 

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