A TMZ source shared a bizarre story about Dr. Dre on Wednesday, saying the rapper was served with divorce papers from his ex-wife, Nicole Young, as he attended his grandmother's burial.

The source close to Dr. Dre said the music mogul was standing next to the casket when the server tried to give him the papers. However, people close to Young said the documents were served at the cemetery parking lot after the burial.

Conflicting sources also indicated that the server may have dropped the documents either by the gravesite or the parking lot because the artist refused to take the papers. Dre has been ordered to pay a balance of $1,224,567 for Young’s attorney’s fees, Page Six reports. The 56-year-old has so far paid $325,433 of the $1.5 million ordered by a California judge. 

Young filed for divorce in June 2020 after being together for 24 years. The 51-year-old, who accused the rapper of abuse, said she now has “post-traumatic stress syndrome.” Dre denies the allegations. 

While the pair remain divided on how to divide Dre’s $800 million fortune, a judge has ordered the artist to pay nearly $300,000 in monthly spousal support. Dre is required to continue paying the amount until Young remarries or enters a domestic partnership. 

According to Page Six, Dre previously filed a lawsuit against Young, saying she stole about $350 million out of a recording studio business in which they were both involved. Sources, however, said Young already returned the money in question, adding that she was entitled to take the funds from an account the couple shared during their marriage. 

The former spouses also share two children together: 24-year-old Truice and 20-year-old Truly.