If you’ve watched Ziwe, you know it’s hard to leave the comedian host speechless. But that’s precisely what happened when recent guest Bob The Drag Queen answered a question we never knew we had.

The non-binary diva was in the pink seat when Ziwe asked him to elaborate on a statement from a previous interview. She began by confirming Bob’s claims of Harriet Tubman being the first Black superhero. He replied with a resounding “YES!” Ziwe then asked, “Who would win in a fight? Harriet Tubman or Spiderman?”

Ziwe shared the clip from the interview on her TikTok account.

@ziwe i asked bob the drag queen who would win in a fight: harriet tubman or spiderman #fyp #ziwe #comedy ♬ original sound – ziwe

As astounding as the thought of a fight between the Underground Railroad abolitionist and the Marvel character would be, Bob gave a pretty rational response.

Without hesitation, the Drag Race season eight winner stated, “I’m going to go with Harriet Tubman.”

Wanting the details behind his reasoning, Ziwe asked, “How would she beat Spider-Man’s ass?”

“Well, she has a gun,” he responded.

The host looked around the room, possibly processing the answer, but seemed very intrigued.

“And this is the Tom Holland version?”

Bob cuts her off, “Oh, that twink? She would ruin. Tom Holland is 98 pounds soaking wet with rain boots on.”