The above tweet by Dwayne Johnson is from 2012. Naturally, immediately after he posted it just under 2 years ago, fanboys and girls everywhere got all worked up into a frenzy.

As you can see, a fan suggested that Dwayne would be a good fit for either of the 2 DC Comics characters the fan mentions: Gravedigger or John Stewart (aka the black Green Lantern).

And of course, Dwayne Johnson responded to the fans tweet with the words… “Funny U say that…” as if implying that a movie based on a DC Comics character with him starring in it, might indeed be in the works.

You can imagine all the speculation that followed, and that went away for some time, until, very recently, thanks to, another tweet and Instagram post by Johnson, which included a photo of himself and producer Hiram Garcia, in which he praises Garcia’s work, and ended with the hashtag #JohnStewartCanStillWhupSupermansAss.

So, naturally, the rumors have erupted again. Could Dwayne Johnson be playing John Stewart/Green Lantern in a movie?
Who knows?!? 
I should note that Johnson did confirm that he indeed had a meeting with Warner Bros. CEO about a DC Comics project that will be announced in 2014. So, I think it’s safe to say that, depending on what the results of that movie were, he will be featured in SOME DC Comics superhero movie, whether it’s as the “black Green Lantern,” or maybe a secondary character in the upcoming Batman Vs. Superman – a project that’s scheduled to shoot in 2014 (a fact which only increased speculation that it could serve as an intro to whatever character Johnson might be playing in a future standalone film. 
Last week, Johnson did respond to the new rumors that followed his recent Twitter/Instagram post, stating:
“All I said was.. #LanternCanWhupSuperman.”
So he didn’t necessarily deny it, not does he confirm it. If you follow him on Twitter, you’ll be well aware of how active he can be on the social networking site, often teasing his followers, or sharing inspirational images, experiences, and quotes, and some times just generally messing around. He also likes to share images of himself on the sets of whatever project he’s shooting at the time.
The only thing we know with certainty is that he met with WB about a DC Comics project. Nothing else. But this is the second time he’s teased Green Lantern as a potential role for him. Emphasis of course on the word “tease.” But Surely he knows very well that when he does these things, that they would create a bit of a frenzy among his millions of fans. He’s a star.
He hasn’t confirmed (although nor has he categorically denied) anything further.

There is a rumored Justice League feature, which he may be a part of as well. 

Batman vs. Superman is set for release in May 2016.

I’ll toss this one at all you comic book afficionados out there; especially those familiar with the DC Comics universe of characters.

Your thoughts?