Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson hasn’t been any stranger to controversy as of recently, with some criticizing his charitable work in the wake of the Maui wildfires. Outside of leading blockbusters, Johnson has also made a return to the WWE, both behind the scenes and in the ring. In the wake of this comeback, however, a recent appearance on Fox News has a lot of people talking about him, and not in a good way.

Johnson recently sat down with The Will Cain Show. During the interview, he stated he was not “happy with the state of America right now” and regretted his 2020 endorsement of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Johnson said he wouldn’t endorse Biden or another candidate in 2024, stating that his earlier support for Biden “caused an incredible amount of division in this country.” He also criticized “cancel culture, woke culture, this culture, that culture, division, etc.,” echoing talking points from Fox and other conservative outlets.

Many people expressed their disappointment with Johnson through comments and memes.

One user called him out for “using rhetoric that comes directly from a white supremacist echochamber.”

At least one tweet expressed disappointment with a Tyra Banks meme.

Another tweet called out Johnson alongside Ne-Yo and Charlemagne  for questionable, right-leaning political commentary.

Another said that Johnson had “joined the Kanye Club.”

While many fans and critics condemned Johnson or expressed disappointment in his Fox News comments, others dismissed it as a business decision. 

Others equated it to his recent return to pro wrestling, where he shed his hero image to play a villain or “heel” in the ring.

One tweeter translated Johnson’s remarks on Fox as “my white fans got mad.”

It’s unknown if Johnson’s political swerve will impact his popularity, which is rising again after his appearance at WrestleMania this weekend. But even as he gains fans on the right, his new political comments seem to be alienating many of his Black supporters and liberal fans. If he continues to echo conservative voices or even runs for office — something he left the door open for during his interview — we will see if his shifting stances will help or hurt him overall.