Now remember I said Eddie Murphy may possibly host next year’s Oscar broadcast. The official word is that next year Oscar show producer, director Brett Ratner who directed Tower Heist with Murphy and Ben Stiller, has been in talks with Murphy to host next year’s show.

Furthermore, Murphy is Ratner’s only choice for the job and he intends to tell the Academy and other honchos that at a meeting this week.

The background story is that Murphy and Ratner have become really good friends since Tower Heist, opening in November, which insiders believe will turn Murphy’s career downward slide around. On top of that, Murphy agents and managers think that it would be a great gig for Murphy given that it will remind people of his enormous comic talent, and will put him back on top.

As one insider who’s involved and who thinks the Murphy plan is a great idea, was quoted as saying: “Nobody knows movies better or is a bigger cinephile than Eddie. Not Brett. Not even Quentin Tarantino. Eddie can quote scenes from every single movie word for word. He can bring all that experience to hosting. Plus he has Saturday Night Live experience before a live crowd. And worldwide the biggest crossover comedians are Will Smith and Eddie Murphy.

Some websites have already posted that the Murphy hosting gig is a done deal; but until it’s confirmed by the Academy, it’s still just talk.