An elderly couple from the U.K. seriously tried it when they were caught with nearly $1.25 million worth of narcotics and tried to blame it on a fictitious Jamaican businessman, New York Post reported. 

Roger and Sue Clarke of England were arrested last December in Lisbon, Portugal, when police found almost 20 pounds of cocaine inside their luggage on a Caribbean cruise.

According to court documents released on Monday, Roger told officials a Jamaican entrepreneur named Lee paid for the couple’s cruise. In addition, the documents stated Roger said Lee asked him to purchase exotic fruit in the U.K. and then retrieve “empty” new suitcases in St. Lucia from a middleman. 

Police concluded that it made no sense for the supposed businessman to pay for the couple's trip when Roger could not identify him, nor provide authorities with any contact information. 

Authorities in Portugal were tipped off by Britain’s National Crime Agency as the cruise ship docked in Lisbon.

According to the court papers, the couple consistently denied carrying any illegal contraband in their luggage during the hour-long search. 

The Mirror reported the agency also found court records that show the couple was convicted and imprisoned in 2010 for trafficking almost 530 pounds of cannabis resin in Norway. 

Keeping a low profile, the Clarkes frequently played bingo, golf and planned meals out with friends; however, they often booked exotic cruise vacations, lengthy court documents found.

Investigators found that the couple spent more than $22,000 in two years on cruises despite having a disposable monthly income of about $1,100. 

"There is no doubt Roger and Susan Clarke had contact with drugs trafficking organizations during two trips in 2017 and another they made in 2018," the Portuguese police report stated. "They were made to South America, to countries which were linked to the transport of cocaine to Europe."

The Clarke couple awaits trial on Wednesday and has been in separate prisons in Lisbon for the past nine months. If convicted, they could face up to 12 years in prison for drug trafficking.