#Nerdland, rejoice! Everyone’s favorite journalist is back!

Elle.com announced Monday afternoon that author, professor and former television host Melissa Harris-Perry would be stepping into the role of Editor-at-Large in order to tell the stories of women and girls of color on Elle’s website and social platforms. The magazine’s site director, Leah Chernikoff, wrote that Harris-Perry would “focus on the intersection of race, gender, politics, and yes, even fashion” in her new role at Elle.

The Wake Forest professor made waves this winter after publicly walking off production of her MSNBC show, Melissa Harris-Perry, criticizing the network for its move towards 24-hour election coverage and stifling her program’s creative direction. After an email that she had written to the Nerdland staff leaked, Harris-Perry officially parted ways with MSNBC.

Speaking with the hosts of Buzzfeed’s Another Round podcast, Harris-Perry said of the split, “I am fine…What I do think is not fine is that the end of the show is the end of a space where a lot of voices otherwise can’t be. I do think mass media has a responsibility to put those voices there. I don’t care if I’m not on air. I want those people there.”

As Elle’s Editor-at-Large, Harris-Perry will bring a new audience to the fashion magazine while shedding a light on important issues that may not have been covered before. Moments after her new role was announced, MHP posted a piece about HBO’s recent movie “Confirmation”, criticizing the missed opportunity to feature black feminists alongside Kerry Washington’s portrayal of Anita Hill.

As media outlets continue to develop their staff to appeal to a broader, more diverse audience, the partnership between Elle and Melissa Harris-Perry will certainly produce interesting results. We can’t wait to see what she’ll do!

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